A shining Star A shining Star
A former foster kid. A privileged, rich one. Their paths will cross, but the circumstances are not what they expected. Cali had a choice... ...career or stay where it was comfortable. A life of suffering has made her jaded. But a part of her won't give up. There is strength...
Category: Fiction By: R. Castro
The Dragon Lady
A clockwork dragon sidekick with an attitude. Ancient powerful magic that could destroy humanity. Handsome love-interests, and evil villains. For Wylie Petford, being a half-dragon could have its perks. In 19th Century London, stable hand Wylie has just suffered an extreme tragedy. It is this tragedy that leads her to...
Kindle Category: Fiction, My Clients Books, Sci-fi, Steampunk, Test By: Angelique S. Anderson
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