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What You Should Know Before Hiring an Editor

- Brought to You By the Freelance Editor Who Cares
 Format: Kindle  Author: William H. Gould  Category: Editing, W.H.Gould  Publisher: W. H. Gould Publishing  Published: March 15, 2023  ASIN: B0BXVRKYRH  Pages: 46  Country: Canada  Language: English  File Size: 535 kb.  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle

There is a lot to be considered before, during, and after hiring an editor. It’s always good to know what to expect for an undertaking such as this.
Questions like, where do I look for an editor? How do I know it’s the right editor for my book? How do I protect myself from less than honest people? And many more will be answered in this book plus a lot more.
Finding the right editor can be very like finding the right spouse. A little knowledge and preparation can help smooth the trail.

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