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Eden’s Demise
After harrowing circumstances endanger Adam and Evelyn's life, they are more than happy to enter witness protection and celebrate their honeymoon. Only Evelyn isn't entirely convinced they are out of harm's way. And she's right. With Mr. Morello's escape from jail, he only has one thing on his mind. Revenge....
Kindle, Paperback Category: My Clients Books By: Angeligue S. Anderson , Angelique S. Anderson
$ 10.93 $ 6.50
Elemental Linx
Vengeful deities. Powerful ancient weapons in the hands of teenagers. The future of humankind in the balance and just a touch of romance. As painful tragedy causes young Viviana Magnus to seek escape, her dreams transport her back in time, from her cloudy Seattle home, to the sun-drenched Aztec Empire....
Category: My Clients Books By: R. Castro2017 , R. Castro
$ 19.58
The Dragon Lady
A clockwork dragon sidekick with an attitude. Ancient powerful magic that could destroy humanity. Handsome love-interests, and evil villains. For Wylie Petford, being a half-dragon could have its perks. In 19th Century London, stable hand Wylie has just suffered an extreme tragedy. It is this tragedy that leads her to...
Kindle Category: Fiction, My Clients Books, Sci-fi, Steampunk, Test By: Angelique S. Anderson
$ 19.58 $ 1.29
The Phoenix Lord
In the dashing sequel to The Dragon Lady, Lord Adrian McCollum has been invited to an inventor’s symposium to present his steam-powered carriage. Engaged to marry Wylie Petford, the half-dragon love of his life, he accepts and they travel to America. Everything is looking up for them. Until Wylie loses...
Kindle, Paperback Category: My Clients Books By: Angelique S. Anderson
$ 19.58